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Product Portfolio

 ODON Life sciences’ Comprehensive Oncology Medicine Portfolio

Odon pioneers’ formulations and products of supreme quality to provide a ‘better life’ through ‘better science’. It is our unwavering pledge to benchmark our products against global standards. Our deep insight into cancer care enables us to manufacture a range of complex generics and drug delivery-based formulations.

Unveiling the Arsenal Against Cancer: ODON Life sciences’ Comprehensive Oncology Medicine Portfolio

Introduction: In the relentless battle against cancer, ODON Lifesciences emerges as a stalwart, providing a comprehensive array of oncology medicines. From Ibandronic Acid Tablets to Docetaxel Injections, each product in the company’s portfolio is a testament to innovation and commitment. In this blog, we delve into the diverse range of anti-cancer medications offered by ODON Lifesciences, each designed to address specific needs and challenges in cancer treatment.

I. Ibandronic Acid Tablets 50 mg: A. Mechanism of Action: Ibandronic Acid, a potent bisphosphonate, plays a crucial role in inhibiting bone resorption. Its use is integral in the management of conditions such as bone metastases and osteoporosis.

B. Clinical Applications: Explore the varied clinical applications of Ibandronic Acid Tablets, from preventing skeletal-related events in cancer patients to improving bone density in postmenopausal women.

II. Sorafeon – Sorafenib Tablets IP 250 mg: A. Targeted Therapy: Sorafenib, a tyrosine kinase inhibitor, takes center stage in ODON Lifesciences’ portfolio. Learn how Sorafeon targets specific receptors, hindering the growth of cancer cells.

B. Indications and Efficacy: Dive into the indications for Sorafenib Tablets, understanding their efficacy in the treatment of advanced renal cell carcinoma and hepatocellular carcinoma.

III. Melphon – Melphalan Tablets BP 2/BP 4 mg: A. Alkylating Agent: Melphalan, an alkylating agent, demonstrates its effectiveness in inhibiting DNA synthesis. Explore the role of Melphon in treating multiple myeloma and ovarian cancer.

B. Dosage and Administration: Gain insights into the proper dosage and administration protocols for Melphalan Tablets, ensuring optimal therapeutic outcomes.

IV. Voricon – Voriconazole Tablets IP 50/100/150 mg: A. Antifungal Powerhouse: Voriconazole Tablets stand as a formidable weapon against invasive fungal infections. Uncover the spectrum of antifungal activity and clinical applications.

B. Tailoring Treatment: Delve into how ODON Lifesciences’ Voriconazole Tablets allow for tailored treatment plans, addressing the diverse fungal challenges faced by patients.

V. Azacion-100 – Azacitidine Injection 100 mg/Vial (As Lyophilized): A. Epigenetic Modulation: Azacitidine, an epigenetic modifier, takes the spotlight in the treatment of myelodysplastic syndromes. Understand how Azacion-100 offers hope through its unique mechanism of action.

B. Reconstitution and Administration: Navigate the reconstitution and administration process of Azacitidine Injection, ensuring safe and effective usage in the clinical setting.

VI. Bendamon-100 – Bendamustine Hydrochloride Injection IP 100 mg/vial Lyophilized: A. Dual-Action Chemotherapy: Bendamustine Hydrochloride showcases its dual-action prowess as a chemotherapy agent. Explore its role in treating non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

B. Infusion Guidelines: Gain insights into the infusion guidelines for Bendamon-100, optimizing the delivery of this potent chemotherapy agent.

VII. CISDON-50 – Cisplatin Injection IP 50 mg/50 ml: A. Platinum-Based Chemotherapy: Cisplatin, a cornerstone in platinum-based chemotherapy, plays a vital role in ODON Lifesciences’ arsenal. Understand its applications in various solid tumor types.

B. Managing Side Effects: Learn about strategies to manage potential side effects associated with Cisplatin Injection, ensuring patient safety during treatment.

VIII. CARBODON-450 – Carboplatin for Injection 450 mg/45 ml: A. Platinum Analog: Carboplatin, a platinum analog, showcases its efficacy in various malignancies. Explore its role in ovarian cancer and lung cancer treatment.

B. Dosing Strategies: Uncover the dosing strategies employed with CARBODON-450, balancing therapeutic efficacy with minimizing adverse effects.

IX. DOCEDON – Docetaxel Injection USP 0.5 ml/2 ml: A. Microtubule Inhibitor: Docetaxel, a microtubule inhibitor, stands as a key player in ODON Lifesciences’ anti-cancer portfolio. Explore its role in breast cancer and non-small cell lung cancer treatment.

B. Patient Monitoring: Understand the importance of vigilant patient monitoring during and after Docetaxel Injection, ensuring optimal treatment outcomes.

X. DOCEDON-80 – Docetaxel Injection USP 80 mg/2 ml: A. Enhanced Efficacy: DOCEDON-80 represents an advancement in Docetaxel formulations, offering enhanced efficacy in specific cancer types. Explore its applications and benefits.

B. Future Directions: Gain insights into ongoing research and future directions related to DOCEDON-80, hinting at the continuous evolution of cancer treatment options.

 ODON Life sciences’ commitment to innovation and excellence shines through its diverse range of oncology medications. From bone health to targeted therapies and chemotherapy agents, each product in the portfolio is a testament to the company’s dedication to transforming the landscape of cancer treatment. As ODON Lifesciences continues its journey, these powerful weapons against cancer promise hope, resilience, and a brighter future for patients around the world.


# Brand Name Generic Name Section Strength
1. Carbodon- 600 mg Carbodon- 600 mg INJECTION Carboplatin for inj. 600 mg / 60 m
2. Carbodon- 450 mg Carbodon- 450 mg INJECTION Carboplatin for inj. 450 mg / 45 m
3. Carbodon- 150 mg Carbodon- 150 mg INJECTION Carboplatin for inj. 150 mg / 15 ml
4. Palbodon- 125 mg Palbodon- 125 mg INJECTION Palbociclib capsules 125 mg
5. Epidon- 150 mg Epidon- 150 mg INJECTION Epirubicin for inj. 150 mg/ vial lyophilized
6. Epidon- 100 mg Epidon- 100 mg INJECTION Epirubicin for inj. 100 mg/ vial lyophilized
7. Cytadon- 500 mg Cytadon- 500 mg INJECTION Cytarabine for inj BP 500 mg / 5 ml
8. Cytadon- 1000 mg Cytadon- 1000 mg INJECTION Cytarabine for inj BP 1000 mg / 10 ml
9. Cisdon- 10 mg Cisdon- 10 mg INJECTION Cisplatin inj IP 10 mg/ 10 ml
10. Doxon-10 Doxon-10 INJECTION Doxorubicin for inj. 10 mg/ Lyophilized vial
11. Oxaliplatin 100 mg Oxaliplatin 100 mg INJECTION Oxaliplatin 100 mg Injection/10 ML
12. Oxaliplatin 50 mg Oxaliplatin 50 mg INJECTION Oxaliplatin 50 mg Injection/10 ML
13. Pazopanib 400 Pazopanib 400 TABLET Pazopanib 400 mg tablets
14. Pazopanib 200 Pazopanib 200 TABLET Pazopanib 200 mg tablets
15. Cabozatinib 60 Cabozatinib 60 TABLET Cabozatinib 60 mg tablets
16. Cabozatinib 40 Cabozatinib 40 TABLET Cabozatinib 40 mg tablets
17. Cabozatinib 20 Cabozatinib 20 TABLET Cabozatinib 20 mg tablets
18. Cisdon- 50 mg Cisdon- 50 mg INJECTION Cisplatin inj IP 50 mg/ 50 ml
19. Carbodon- 50 mg Carbodon- 50 mg INJECTION Carboplatin for inj. 50 mg / 5 m
20. Fluorodon- 500 mg Fluorodon- 500 mg INJECTION Fluorouracil inj. BP 500 mg / 10 ml
21. Paclidon- 300 mg Paclidon- 300 mg INJECTION Paclitaxel for inj. USP 300 mg / 50 ml
22. Paclidonl- 30 mg Paclidonl- 30 mg INJECTION Paclitaxel for inj. USP 260 mg / 43.40m
23. Paclidon- 100 Paclidon- 100 INJECTION Paclitaxel for inj. USP 100 mg / 16.70ml
24. Paclidon- 30 mg Paclidon- 30 mg INJECTION Paclitaxel for inj. USP 30 mg / 5ml
25. Methodon- 50 mg Methodon- 50 mg INJECTION Methotrexate for inj. USP 50 mg/ 2ml
26. Cytadon- 100 mg Cytadon- 100 mg INJECTION Cytarabine for inj BP 100 mg / ml
27. Docedon- 120 mg Docedon- 120 mg INJECTION Docetaxel for inj. USP 120 mg / 3 ml
28. Docedon- 80 mg Docedon- 80 mg INJECTION Docetaxel for inj. USP 80 mg / 2 ml
29. Docedon- 20 mg Docedon- 20 mg INJECTION Docetaxel for inj. USP 20 mg / 0.5 ml
30. Calfodon-50 Calfodon-50 INJECTION Calcium folinate inj. USP 50 mg / 5 ml
31. Calfodon-100 Calfodon-100 INJECTION Calcium folinate for inj. 100 mg/ vial Lyophilized
32. Vindon-10 mg Vindon-10 mg INJECTION Vinblastine SULPHATE for inj. 10 mg/ vial Lyophilized
33. Vindon-1 mg Vindon-1 mg INJECTION Vinblastine SULPHATE for inj. 1 mg / vial Lyophilized
34. Rubidon-20 mg Rubidon-20 mg INJECTION Daunorubicin Hcl for inj. 20 mg/ vial Lyophilized
35. Epidon- 50 mg Epidon- 50 mg INJECTION Epirubicin for inj. 50 mg/ vial lyophilized
36. Epidon-10 mg Epidon-10 mg INJECTION Epirubicin for inj. 10 mg/ vial lyophilized
37. Ifosfon- 2 g Ifosfon- 2 g INJECTION Ifosfamide for inj. 2000 mg/ vial (Dry powder inj.)
38. Ifosfon- 1 g Ifosfon- 1 g INJECTION Ifosfamide for inj. 1000 mg/ vial (Dry powder inj.)
39. Cyclodon- 500 mg Cyclodon- 500 mg INJECTION Cyclophosphamide- 500 mg/vial (Dry powder inj.)
40. Vincrion- 1mg Vincrion- 1mg INJECTION Vincristine sulphate-1 mg / vial Lyophilized
41. Dacarbon-500 Dacarbon-500 INJECTION Decarbazine for inj. 500 mg / vial Lyophilized
42. Dacarbon-200 Dacarbon-200 INJECTION Decarbazine for inj. 200 mg / vial Lyophilized
43. Zoledon-4 mg Zoledon-4 mg INJECTION Zoledronic acid 4 mg / vial Lyophilized
44. Doxon-50 Doxon-50 INJECTION Doxorubicin for inj. 50 mg/ Lyophilized vial
45. Bendamon-100 Bendamon-100 INJECTION Bendamustin Injection IP 100 mg / vial Lyophilized
46. Bortezon-3.5 Bortezon-3.5 INJECTION Bortezomib Injection IP 3.5 mg/ vial (As Lyophilized)
47. Pemetreon-500 Pemetreon-500 INJECTION Pemetrexed for Injection IP 500 mg/Vial (As Lyophilized )
48. Pemetreon-100 Pemetreon-100 INJECTION Pemetrexed for Injection IP 100 mg/Vial (As Lyophilized )
49. Bortezon-2 Bortezon-2 INJECTION Bortezomib For Injection 2 mg/ Vial (As Lyophilized)
50. Azacion-100 Azacion-100 INJECTION Azacitidine for Injection 100 mg / Vial (As Lyophilized )
51. Gancion-250 Gancion-250 INJECTION Ganciclovir Injection USP 250 mg/ Vial (As Lyophilized)
52. Gancion-500 Gancion-500 INJECTION Ganciclovir Injection USP 500 mg/ Vial (As Lyophilized)
53. Gemcion-1400 Gemcion-1400 INJECTION Gemcitabine Injection IP 1400 mg/ Vial ( As Lyophilized)
54. Gemcion-200 Gemcion-200 INJECTION Gemcitabine Injection IP 200 mg (As Lyophilized)
55. Carfilon-60 Carfilon-60 TABLET Carfilzomib for Injection, 60 mg./Vial
56. Osimeron-80 Osimeron-80 TABLET Osimertinib Tablets 80mg
57. Exemeon-25 Exemeon-25 TABLET Exemestane Tablets IP 25mg
58. Chloron-5 Chloron-5 TABLET Chlorambucil Tablets IP
59. Chloron-2 Chloron-2 TABLET Chlorambucil Tablets IP
60. Tenofon Tenofon TABLET Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate Tablets IP 300mg
61. Entecon-1 Entecon-1 TABLET Entecavir Tablets IP 1mg
62. Entecon-0.5 Entecon-0.5 TABLET Entecavir Tablets IP 0.5mg
63. Ibandion-150 Ibandion-150 TABLET Ibandronic Acid Tablets 150mg
64. Ibandion-50 Ibandion-50 TABLET Ibandronic Acid Tablets 50 mg
65. Voricon-150 Voricon-150 TABLET Voriconazole Tablets IP 150 mg
66. Voricon-100 Voricon-100 TABLET Voriconazole TabletsIP 100 mg
67. Voricon-50 Voricon-50 TABLET Voriconazole TabletsIP 50 mg
68. Capeon-150 Capeon-150 TABLET Capecitabine Tablets USP 150 mg
69. Melphon-4 Melphon-4 TABLET Melphalan Tablets BP4 mg
70. Melphon-2 Melphon-2 TABLET Melphalan Tablets BP2 mg
71. Sorafeon-250 Sorafeon-250 TABLET Sorafenib Tablets IP250 mg
72. Imation-100 Imation-100 TABLET Imatinib Tablets IP 100 mg
73. Gefion-250 Gefion-250 TABLET Gefitinib Tablets IP 250 mg
74. Capeon-500 Capeon-500 TABLET Capecitabine Tablets IP 500 mg
75. Ibandion Ibandronic Acid Tablets TABLET Ibandronic Acid Tablets 50 mg
76. Sorafeon Sorafenib Tablets TABLET Sorafenib Tablets IP250 mg
77. Melphon Melphalan Tablets TABLET Melphalan Tablets BP2/BP4 mg
78. Voricon Voriconazole Tablets TABLET Voriconazole Tablets IP 50/100/150 mg
79. Azacion-100 Azacitidine Injection INJECTION Azacitidine for Injection 100 mg / Vial (As Lyophilized )
80. Bendamon-100 Bendamustine Hydrochloride Injection INJECTION Bendamustine Injection IP 100 mg / vial Lyophilized
81. CISDON-50 Cisplatin Injection INJECTION Cisplatin inj IP 50 mg/ 50 ml
82. CARBODON-450 Carboplatin Injection INJECTION Carboplatin for inj. 450 mg / 45 m
83. DOCEDON Docetaxel Injection INJECTION Docetaxel for inj. USP 0.5 ml / 2 ml
84. DOCEDON-80 Docetaxel INJECTION Docetaxel for inj. USP 80 mg / 2 ml

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